Valentine's Goodies!

Posted by Kyrsti Snyder on

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate the love you have for those around you. Most of the time it's focused on couples who are just madly in love with each other. I do think we're missing out on a big part of what this day includes though.

Who do you love that needs to be told thank you more often? What about a family member who you admire? It's not just for couples... it's for anyone who wants to give love and have that love returned more fully.

It's not always about being mushy-gushy romantics. It's about being thoughtful towards those you care about.

So gather round your table, invite the friends and family you love, grab some tacos and your favorite mug, do a gift exchange; similar to what you'd do for Christmas in opening white elephant gifts.

Sally Sue has your back for all these gifts, romantic or not. ;)

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