Welcome to Sally Sue Collections! 

My name is Kyrsti and I have a huge passion for people, books, and of course fashionable sass. 

I have been married to my husband, Brogan, for seven years and we have two crazy boys at home -- a three year old and a one year old. Life has a way of handing you the right things at the right time. My growing family is definitely one of them. 

Sally Sue Collections is another one of them and I’m so excited to share my fashion favorites, home decor, personalized items, and a quarterly curated box full of hand-picked favorites from local artisans.

The Story Behind the Name 

Sally Sue came from growing up with a silly dad and grandpa.

Coming from a family of 9 kids with 5 of them being brothers, it was destined to stick.

My grandpa never called us by our real names - from Rooster, to Henrietta, to Sally Sue – they were always random and fun.

My dad and brother still call me Sally Sue to this day. And now that my grandpa is gone, it means even more every time I hear it.

So, because this store is made up of personalized and unique items catered to you and your personality, it just made sense to call it some that was personable and tender for me as well.

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