Wishes for 2021: Health, wealth and wellness


Is anyone else ready for the routine of the new year? I know I am!

A couple weeks ago I ordered the MaxiClimber to use for working out. Since having my two kids, now almost four and two years old, I feel I've lost my muscle strength in certain areas.

This all body workout machine was highly recommended from friends on social media and LeBron James recommends too, so naturally, this is going to help me, right? ;)

I'm excited to use it and compound my efforts by first starting out with 10 minutes a day, then raise it to 15 minutes a day, then a week or so later do 20 minutes a day, and so on and so forth…

I believe people stick with something if they feel it's attainable without being overwhelming. I also believe you should 10x the heck out of your goals. There's a desire and need for both... more on that later!

And what’s a 2021 post without a mention of financial health too?

Have you ever tracked all your expenses? A few years back, I started tracking all of my expenses with the intention to create hacks around our finances and where we were, compared to where we wanted to be.

With that, I saw that we were spending close to $350 on just EATING OUT every month. Talk about impacting our physical and financial health!

Once the numbers stare back at you, it’s easy to come to the conclusion to stop that madness once and for all. You can't improve, edit, or enhance something if you don't know where you currently are.

So in the spirit of better health all the way around, subscribe below and receive my free budgeting hacks tool and discover for yourself what you can cut out this year with intentional healthier habits.

Here's to health, wealth, and wellness in 2021!


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